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Historical Mystery
Winner of the Best Historical Fiction award in the 2009 New Mexico Book Awards! NOW AVAILABLE AS AN E-BOOK.
Historical Fiction
The initial, never-before-published novel in the critically-acclaimed Seth Strummar series, Bone Justice is a story with a cruel twist that turns tragedy into redemption. A Finalist in the 2007 New Mexico Book Awards for historical fiction.


AVAILABLE from SUNSTONE PRESS, online or your bookstore! Also available as an ebook!

"Astonishing . . . Hits home on so many levels." D.K.T.

"A sweeping story of a female child driven to self-actualization as a writer." R.S.

"Emotionally and historically, I was immersed in the ambiance of those times and my own personal youthful intensity and instability. Her skills are impressive." J.I.K.

"An unflinching look at the dysfunctional dynamic in a toxic family, this is a compelling story. I couldn't put it down. It is a must read for every woman on a similar path." K.M.Y.

"Her world is lush, vivid, sensual, engulfing. This is a courageous story, and a compelling one." K.L.

"Reads like an engaging novel." M.E.M.

"A roller-coaster with amazing and astounding detail, Grand River Highway is a great read." R.H.

Writing of my life is what I am about. I have a quote cut from a newspaper taped to the spine of a book on my desk: "God give me work 'til my life shall end, and life 'til my work is done.' So be it.

Some of my recent novels.
All of these novels were well-reviewed. Two won awards. If you're looking for a good read with well-drawn characters, place and time, come on into my world for a few hours and share another dimension, another facet of being alive.